A Quick & Easy Pre-Trip for Travel Trailers

If you tow a trailer, it is your responsibility to do some sort of pre-trip check. This check is for both safety and loss prevention purposes.











Pre- Departure Check List:


– All lights and fans turned off

– Furnace and A/C turned off

– Turn water heater and water pump off

– Shut off gas pilot lights on stove/oven

– Prepare Refrigerator for travel

– Cabinets closed and items secured

– Stow shower and bathroom supplies

– Stow TV and TV supplies

– Secure all loose items

– Inside weight evenly distributed

– Secure all windows and retract ceiling vents

– Lower TV/roof based antennas

– Retract slides


– Stow folding chairs, awning mat, and other outside items

– Clean up campsite

– Empty and stow trash cans

– Awning secured

– Retract Entry Steps

– Disconnect from campsite (CATV/phone lines, shore power cord, water hose, black/grey hose), recap outlets, and stow cords/hoses

– Remove and stow chocks

– Lift and lock A-frame jack

– Check roof for open vents, roof rack, or storage pod

Tow Tests:

– Wheels torqued

– Check tires for wear

– Check vehicle fluid levels

– Check vehicle lights and brakes

– Attach hitch and RV electrical cable to the tow vehicle

– Check lights (Running, brake, and turn signals)

– Make sure hitch is locked and secured

– Disconnect electrical cable from tow vehicle

– Attach safety chains & brake-away cable

– Test brake-away by pulling cable and driving forward (RV should drag)

– Replace brake-away cable and reconnect RV electrical cable to the vehicle

– Dive Safe!

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