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RV Battery 101 Q&A


Q. What is the difference between a deep cycle battery and an automotive battery?

A. A RV battery has fewer lead plates but also has much thicker plates to give a higher reserve. (More T.V. time, lights on, etc)

Q. Why are RV’ers going to 6-volt golf cart batteries instead of 12-volt deep cycle batteries?
A. 6 volt batteries have more reserve capacity because of their very high lead content and the track record for longevity is awesome. Therefore, if you plan on “boon-docking” or “dry-camping” (RV’ing without power) and you have the room for two 6-volt batteries (wired in series) that is the answer (below is an image of how to hook up two 6-volt batteries in series). Read more

Solar VS Generator

RV owners often want to find a way to extend their camping time while off-grid camping (camping away from electrical hook-ups). So inevitably the question arose; which is better, a generator or solar panels?

The answer to this question is more questions. What are your camping needs? What appliances are you running? And do you use the outlets in your unit frequently?

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