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Axle Flips

07.0k_brake_axle_dexter__04254.1534587720.500.750“Flipping the RV’s axles” is usually undertaken to gain some height to the unit and most units will benefit from 3-6” of extra clearance from doing so. Generally RV’ers that are travelling into the back-country, have lower sitting RV’s or a lifted tow vehicle that will benefit from an axle flip.

An axle flip can prevent lots of avoidable damage to holding tanks, gate valves, jacks, or anything else hanging low that could potentially be damaged by limited clearance. Read more

Wheel Bearings

454-Series-Tapered-Roller-Bearings-340x257Arguably one the most important parts of a RV maintenance check list is a wheel bearing repack.

Wheel bearings on an RV preform two basic functions: supporting trailer weight (loaded and unloaded) and to allow the wheels to turn with the least amount of friction possible.

Wheel bearings are the supports that hold the wheels onto the axles of the RV. And, since they’re spinning all the time, they need constant lubrication. Repacking the wheel bearings is simply “changing” the grease that lubricates the bearing — pushing out the old stuff and putting new, clean grease back in. Read more