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19 April 2019 Phone Issues

Our apologies to all our customers trying to phone us the last week & especially today as our phone lines are having technical difficulties.
Please email us at or phone Deanna @ 250-423-1417 for your RV/Camping needs today.

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Do I Need an Accumulator Tank?

An accumulator tank is a water chamber which has a pre-pressurized internal air bladder. They are installed in the pressured side of your pump and dampen water pressure ‘spikes’, reduce pump cycling, help increase the pump’s life and also save battery power.

Reduce Unwanted Cycling
Reduce Pulsation
Reduce Pressure Spikes
Increase Pump Life
Save Battery Power

Water flow restriction in a plumbing system may cause a pump to ‘Rapid Cycle’ during low water flow demands. (Rapid cycle = On/OFF within 2 seconds). Cycling should be reduced to maximize pump life. To determine if pump adjustment is necessary, turn a tap ON to a lower than average water flow. The pump should cycle but its “OFF time” should be 2 seconds or longer.

* If cycling is correct, no accumulator in needed.
* If pump is rapid cycling, there may be procedure to adjust the pump (see your pump’s instruction manual).
* If cycling cannot be minimized, consider installing an accumulator tank.

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