RV Battery 101 Q&A


Q. What is the difference between a deep cycle battery and an automotive battery?

A. A RV battery has fewer lead plates but also has much thicker plates to give a higher reserve. (More T.V. time, lights on, etc)

Q. Why are RV’ers going to 6-volt golf cart batteries instead of 12-volt deep cycle batteries?
A. 6 volt batteries have more reserve capacity because of their very high lead content and the track record for longevity is awesome. Therefore, if you plan on “boon-docking” or “dry-camping” (RV’ing without power) and you have the room for two 6-volt batteries (wired in series) that is the answer (below is an image of how to hook up two 6-volt batteries in series).

7Battery Connections - 2x6VoltinSeries

Q.  Are large equipment batteries (commonly referred to as cat batteries) a good choice for my RV battery power?
A.  Sure, if you own a “pre” 1988 RV with no power hungry electronics to keep the fridge, furnace and water heater running.

Q. What batteries do you carry at Snowy Peaks RV?

A. Most of our batteries are deep cycle RV marine batteries. But we also carry tractor batteries and breakaway batteries as well. Here is a list of our common 6V and 12V deep cycle batteries:

  • 6V: G2300 232 AH
  • 6V: G2200 216 AH
  • 6V: US145 251 AH
  • 6V: USL16 420 AH
  • 12V: G24RV 130 RC/550CA
  • 12V: G247RV 160RC/750CA

Q. What is the best way to charge an RV battery?

A. The best way to charge an RV battery is with a trickle charger battery charger. Generally these charges are around 3.5 Amps. With the right charger you will also be able G7200-12V-24V-Portable-Automotive-Car-Battery-Charger-Automatic-Trickle-Maintainer-PT01to charge 6V batteries separately and together so that you make sure that each battery is fully charged.

Battery Maintenance

Q. When should I add water to my RV batteries?
A. Your RV batteries should be checked once a month and distilled water can be added if the lead plates under the battery caps are starting to show.

Q. Is my monitor panel inside my RV a good way to check my battery condition?
A. The monitor panel inside the RV does not give any indication on battery condition. The best way to find a RV batteries’ state of charge is with a battery hydrometer.

Battery Storage

Q. What should I do with my RV battery in the winter?

  1. Your RV battery needs to be removed from your RV
  2. The top of the battery should be cleaned with baking soda
  3. Watered with distilled water if the lead plates under the battery caps are starting to show.
  4. Hydrometer checked once a month and charged if low.
  5. Store in a dry cool place.
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