What are you going to get Dad for Father’s day?

Father’s day is almost here. Still haven’t found Dad the perfect gift? Let the staff at Snowy Peaks RV help! For the RV’ing men in your life, you can find everything imaginable when it comes to RV accessories, parts, and supplies!

An upgrade or replacement part for his Recreational Vehicle may just be the perfect way to show Dad your appreciation for him.carefree711920wpf_thumbnail Upgrade his awning to a relaxingGo_Power_Portable_Solar_Kit_installation_RV outdoor patio, change his power source to PA1solar, or get him a new awning mat to replace that tattered old one that he’s learned to live with. Recreational time is important to you and making Dad’s time in his RV more comfortable will show him how much you care.

042492-blsatellite-antenna-for-truck-automatic-winegardIs he the kind of guy that can’t miss the game? misses his shows while away? or just wants to listen to his tunes? We can help! We have a selection of TV antennas, satellite dishes, and media centers to choose from.

ef2000is_yamaha_generatorIs your Dad the handyman that can’t seem to sit still while camping? Mine is, but in all truthfulness every RV owner should have a good set of tools on the road! We carry everything an RV’er needs for repairs and maintenance. From maintenance supplies to a shiny new generator we have you covered.

2006_seneca_hd_grillIf your Dad is the camp cook he might enjoy some new cookware. A new propane barbecue, utensils, or even some surprise father’s day campfire pie would be nice!

Father’s day Caramel Apple pie recipe: 

1 Apple 

1 Teaspoon Butter

Sprinkle of sugar

Sprinkle of cinnamon

1 Caramel Square

Core an apple and cut it cross-ways into 1/2 inch thick slices. 12983404Place 1 slice of apple into the bottom of a well-buttered pie cooker and sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Top with a second slide of apple and put a caramel square into the center of the cored apples, along with a teaspoon of butter. Close cooker and bake over low heat for 8-10 minutes, turning frequently. (makes 1 pie) – Pie Iron Recipe Cook Book. 

Getting Dad an RV-themed gift this Father’s Day might be just the thing to remind Dad that his R & R time is just as important as the time he’s put into being such a great father. Make his next adventure more enjoyable with the perfect gift that reminds him of your love while he’s on the road.















Lindsey Roberts

Snowy Peaks RV

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