Why Cover your RV?

Why Cover Your RV?

The best way to protect your RV is with some sort of shelter. If you don’t have some sort of covered area for your RV, a breathable RV cover is the next best thing to protect your RV.

  • RV covers are ideal for high moisture climates like we have in the East Kootenays.
  • PolyPro or PermaPro fabric top resists and repels rain and snow yet vents inside water vapor out.
  • Prevents mold, mildew and ice buildup.
  • Rugged UV and water-resistant polypropylene fabric side will protect your RV agatravel-trailer-coversinst moisture, UV rays, dirt and bird droppings.
  • Strap and buckle attachments prevent billowing in windy locations and allow for custom look.
  • A RV cover will save you time by reducing the need to wash & wax.
  • A RV cover will protect the resale value of your RV by keeping it looking like new.
  • Many looks to choose from and to closely match the size of your RV.


Should you cover your RV with a tarp?

Definitely not!

A tarp can do more harm than good. Tarps hold moisture in to the RV causing mold/mildew to develop and could actually cause a leak due to lack of evaporation of the water over a period of time.  A breathable cover is recommended. To find more information about the covers we sell go to www.classicaccessories.com.

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